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Refuge for Wildlife, an International Animal Rescue partner project, was established 20 years ago to help protect the wildlife of Costa Rica. As residential and commercial development has grown, electrocutions are the main factor driving rescues with over two-thirds of howler monkey related incidents a direct result of electrocution.

Rescue, Rehabilitate & Release

With a 24-hour wildlife emergency hotline, our rescue team is trained to use specialist equipment to rescue animals that are trapped on electrical equipment that would otherwise die without assistance.  Although howler monkeys have become our specialty, we also help a wide variety of wildlife including tamanduas, opossums, iguanas, parrots, owls and more! Our goal for every animal that arrives at the Refuge for Wildlife, is to return them to the jungle as quickly as possible.

Expert Veterinary Care

At the Refuge Clinic, our team of veterinary professionals and volunteers provides immediate and long-term medical attention. The majority of our patients are electrical burn survivors requiring specialized medical treatment and intensive care.  With several dedicated nurseries for infant, juvenile, and young-adult howler monkeys, we are able to care for rescued infants until they are old enough to be released.  

Protecting Costa Rica’s Wildlife

Our mission is to protect wildlife from harm caused by human-wildlife conflict so that one day our rescue center will be empty! Through our  Stop the Shocks program, we are creating a safer habitat for Costa Rican wildlife by implementing solutions to end wildlife electrocutions in Costa Rica. Using our 3-step approach of tree trimming, rope bridges, and insulating transformers and power lines, we are able to greatly reduce the risk to arboreal wildlife.