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Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks Released

Petite and several new friends have been released! The ducks were a little hesitant a first, but it didn’t take long for them to start splashing around in the river! They even made the black-bellied whistling duck’s trademark whistle as they flew!

Petite was rescued as a tiny duckling when he was found all alone in the middle of a  parking next to the main road.  He was the only duckling at the rescue center so he was raised with a baby chick so he wouldn’t be alone.

Several weeks later when Petite wasn’t a baby anymore, we rescued a group of ducklings who had been abandoned by their parents. The duck parents picked a poor place to raise their young ones, a local swimming pool, and angry dogs scared the parents away.

Thankfully Petite and the ducklings got along great and they formed a strong family bond. We are thrilled that we could release these ducks all together as a family group.