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Educational Visits

Visitors to Refuge for Wildlife learn about howler monkeys and what they can do to help save them.

The Refuge for Wildlife is a working Rescue Center. You will not find us on the local tourist map, nor will you find signs leading to the Refuge.  If you are visiting Costa Rica, you may wish to visit the Refuge for Wildlife and become a Patron of the Refuge.  With a donation of $50 per person you will be able to join a very small group for a guided educational visit hosted by our founder, Brenda Bombard.

Visits to the Refuge are possible by advanced reservation and will last approximately two hours. If you would like to know more about the work of the Refuge for Wildlife and our programs to care for the injured and orphaned wildlife, the impact of development on the jungle environment and our efforts to mitigate this impact, we invite you to schedule one of our educational visits. Your visit will include a tour of the Refuge facilities and an interactive discussion about the issues and challenges that affect the local environment and wildlife.  You will also have an opportunity to meet up-close many of our current guests.  We hope you will choose to visit.

Visitors learning about the animals rescued at Refuge for Wildlife.

To Schedule Your Visit:     To request a visit please contact us at We will let you know when we can accommodate your request and will provide driving directions to the Refuge. Donations for the Educational Visit can be made at the Refuge in Costa Rican Colones or U.S. Dollars.

Please reconfirm your reservation 24 hours in advance of your visit and plan your arrival for the scheduled time as we have limited facilities for early or late arrivals.  If you have any questions please contact us by email at If calling within Costa Rica, our local numbers are 2682-5049 or 8708-2601. Please Note: *   Visits are not offered daily and are conducted in the mornings at 10:30AM.  Visits are limited to 8 – 10 people and must be scheduled in advance. *   As a health precaution for the animals you will need to have been in-country at least three days with everyone in good health – no colds or flu. We find, unfortunately, that people can often pick up an illness on the flight to Costa Rica in the re-circulated air of the aircraft, which can be transferred to the animals. *   We will need to know your preferred visit date, the size and composition of your family or group. We will also need to know how many in the group are adults and the ages of any children. The minimum age to join a visit is 7 years of age.  Exceptions may be possible when a visit is composed of a single family or group with sufficient adult supervision. As a Courtesy Please:   Due to the small size of our facilities and and limited number of days per week, the Refuge for Wildlife often has a waiting list for those who wish to visit.  Please be courteous and notify us at least 24-hours in advance of a cancellation of any or all in your party so we may advise others of the availability.