• Han’s Rehabilitation and Release

    Han has been with us since late May when he was hit by a car and broke his femur and hip. We immediately took him to Nicoya for x-rays and discovered that the fracture was very bad and that the only way we could save Han’s leg was through an expensive surgery that was out or our normal budget.

    We wanted to give Han the best chance at a normal life so our volunteers reached out the public for donations. In a matter of hours, the Nosara community had raised the $600 needed for the surgery and Han’s appointment was booked!

    In San Jose, Dr. Randall Arguedas Porras, who is a wildlife vet doctor and orthopaedic surgeon, inserted a titanium plate into Han’s leg to repair the fracture while Refuge for Wildlife’s veterinarian, Dr. Francisco Sánchez assisted with the anesthetic.

    This miracle surgery saved Han’s leg, but it also meant a long rehabilitation process. Han’s recovery has been slower than anticipated, but the fracture healed and Han rebuilt the strength in his muscles. Han was released in February 2018 and is now back living a normal and healthy life in the forest where he belongs!

    Help us care for injured wildlife, like Han, by making a donation online!

    Veterinary Services & Clinic Fund

    Our Veterinary Services & Clinic Fund covers the veterinary treatment of our injured wildlife. This often involves treatment of severe burns, wound care, surgeries, amputations, and, unfortunately necessary euthanasia.  Our onsite clinic provides the majority of the routine medical services and has facilities for a veterinarian to perform most services needed by the injured animals.  Donating to the Veterinary Services & Clinic Fund will help us to buy necessary medical supplies including, prescription medications, burn cream, bandages, medical instruments and essential medical equipment as well as help us pay for an on-site veterinarian.

    We rescue, rehabilitate and release.


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