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Holiday Newsletter

December 2019 Newsletter

The Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

Searching for a thoughtful gift for the upcoming holiday season? Why not give the gift of caring by virtually adopting Mango Troop – the youngest group of orphaned monkeys rehabilitating at Refuge for Wildlife!

We have two types of gift packs available: digital and postal.

If you chose a digital pack you (or your gift recipient) will receive a personalized certificate, a photo for you to print out if you wish, a fact sheet about Mango Troop, and regular updates throughout the year!

The postal pack allows you to choose whether or not to include a cuddly toy of a howler monkey. It makes a lovely present for Christmas, with a permanent reminder of the way you are helping us rescue and protect animals. You will also receive a personalized certificate in recognition of your adoption, a photograph, a fact sheet about the troop, an International Animal Rescue window sticker, an information leaflet about our work, and regular updates throughout the year about Mango Troop!

Visit our partner organization’s website, International Animal Rescue, to complete your purchase. Delivery in Costa Rica is possible!

New Arrivals

Little Lucas was only 3-4 weeks old when his mother was attacked and killed by dogs in Santa Cruz. Thankfully Lucas does not have any injuries, but due to his young age, his odds of surviving without the care of his mother were not good. Thanks to our skilled veterinary team and staff, teeny Lucas made it through the first critical weeks of his rehabilitation and has now joined the other orphaned infants in our howler nursery! Lucas will need 4-5 years with us in our Orphaned Howler Rehabilitation Program before he is old enough to be returned to the forest. Sad stories like this can be prevented if pet owners behave more responsibly.

Siouxsie the iguana gets a new enclosure! 

After weeks of treatment inside our wildlife clinic, Siouxsie is now rehabilitating in an outside enclosure specifically designed and built for her special needs.  Siouxsie’s back leg required amputation due to a very serious wound sustained when she was attacked by a dog. Unfortunately, she has yet to show the necessary skills required for release, but we are hoping that a little more practice climbing the trees in her enclosure will help her adjust to her disability.

Rattlesnake Hit on the Head Makes Full Recovery

This neotropical rattlesnake (Crotolus simus) was captured for relocation by the Nosara Bomberos. Unfortunately, a gardener had hit her on the head before the Bomberos arrived so she was rushed to the Refuge wildlife clinic. She was thoroughly examined by our veterinary team and was found to have severe head trauma, including a fractured skull. We’d like to thank snake expert, Chief Ryan Bombard of the Nosara Bomberos, for providing the snake with a stress-free place to rest while she recovered and received treatment. In the next couple of days, she will be released into a safe habitat far from humans.

Releases – Pizotes and Opossums!

For the past several months we have been caring for 5 orphaned white-nosed coati, commonly known as pizotes. Last week the group was finally returned to the forest where they belong! Mike, Artemisa, Herman were orphaned when their mother was hit by a car and the infants made the brave decision to leave their nest. Unfortunately, Herman sustained a large cut to his snout when he fell from the nest and needed extensive medical care. Two more orphaned infants, Bruno and Michell, joined the group a few weeks later and the group became inseparable.

Seven orphaned infant opossums have returned to the forest after their mother was killed by a car.  Due to development and deforestation, wildlife find it difficult to travel safely between fragmented habitat, especially across roads. We have seen a huge increase in orphaned wildlife due to car strikes.

Meet the Staff – Dani and Ana

Ana and Dani Fajardo Centeno are experts in wildlife rehabilitation. Ana has been working at the Refuge for 3 years and her sister Dani joined us just over a year ago.  As our most experienced caregivers, these dedicated women are exceptionally skilled at looking after injured and orphaned infant wildlife. An essential part of the Refuge team, Ana and Dani help with every aspect of our program including rescues, veterinary treatments, food preparation and cleaning.