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Injured Howler Released – Warning Graphic Images

At the end of March 2015, Refuge for Wildlife received an emergency call from Animales de Samara, an animal rescue centre in a nearby town. A howler monkey had been attacked by a pack of dogs and was badly injured and not moving.

Nosara Refuge For Wildlife-5Samara is about 45 minutes away from Nosara where Refuge for Wildlife is located, so Animales de Samara put a post on Facebook asking for help – a ride or money for the taxi to send the injured monkey to us. Within seconds, dozens of caring followers rushed to their aid and organized a taxi for the monkey.

With deep wounds all over his face and torso, he was taken to our local veterinarian Dra Susana Marin Fallas of Safari Animal Clinic. She cleaned and stitched several punctures, the deepest was to his face just under his eye. He was on pain mediation and antibiotics and spent another two weeks at Refuge for Wildlife recovering.

Nosara Refuge For Wildlife-4 Nosara Refuge For Wildlife-3He was released back into the same location where he was found only a few weeks later on April 15th!

These are the kinds of stories we love – an injured animal given the chance at life again! Rescue, rehabilitate and release!