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Our Sponsors

We would like to thank the following businesses for their continued support:

International Animal Rescue

Refuge for Wildlife is thrilled to be partnering with International Animal Rescue (IAR), a world-renowned non-profit organisation that  is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of suffering animals around the world. Their mission is to return wild animals to their natural environment wherever possible, but they also provide a permanent home for animals that can no longer fend for themselves. Their work includes cutting free and caring for dancing bears in India, rescuing orangutans and other primates from captivity and the devastating impact of deforestation in Indonesia and sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs and cats in developing countries.

As human populations expand and encroach further into natural habitats, wildlife species are coming under increasing threat of extinction. By rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing individuals from endangered populations like the orangutan and the slow loris, their work plays a vital role in the conservation of the species as a whole.

International Animal Rescue works to educate the public in the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals. Sound scientific evidence is at the heart of their decision-making and determines the course of all that they do. Their aim is always to find practical solutions that benefit both animals and people.

Refuge for Wildlife partnered with International Animal Rescue in early 2017. This new partnership will enable Refuge for Wildlife to have a global reach when it comes to fundraising, marketing and promotion while providing Refuge for Wildlife with IAR’s years of experience running a non-profit animal rescue. We are absolutely delighted to be working together!

Worldwide Veterinary Services

wvsWVS (Worldwide Veterinary Service) is an animal welfare charity that provides a sustainable veterinary resource globally.  From disaster emergency response, international veterinary training to community education programmes, WVS sends teams, equipment and medicine to help animals who have no one else. They provide a sustainable veterinary resource to help animals all over the world where veterinary aid and assistance is limited due to the expense and availability in the country they are based.

Over the past several years, WVS has provided Refuge for Wildlife with much-needed veterinary supplies such as microscopes, incubators and an ultrasound machine. They have sent us many experienced and dedicated veterinary volunteers and assisted us with their expertise and veterinary knowledge. Refuge for Wildlife have grown and improved over the years with the help of WVS and we are incredibly thankful for their continued support.

Safari Surf

Safari Surf School provides monthly support by donating $50 for each guest that books an all-inclusive surf package with them! Safari Surf is the first, and only local business, in Nosara that is helping Refuge for Wildlife in this way – by donating a percentage of their sales to our non-profit organisation!  In return, we provide an educational visit for Safari surf packages guest during their stay in Nosara. Safari Surf really cares about the local community and wildlife and proves this through their sustainability programs which include helping local schools, reforestation, and conservation. Safari Surf also generously donated the supplies to build a large outdoor enclosure for our older orphaned infants!

Committee and Program Sponsors

Refuge for Wildlife is an active member of the Stop the Shocks Program and Wildlife Crossings Programs. Refuge for Wildlife has been working on the Stop the Shocks program for many years and we have insulated hundreds of transformers and miles of electrical lines making them safe for our arboreal wildlife.

The Stop the Shocks Program continues to raise funds to purchase life-saving wildlife protection equipment for Nosara’s transformers and power lines. Electrocution is still the number one killer of howler monkeys in Costa Rica. Learn more about what we do and how you can help by clicking here.

Refuge for Wildlife, Nosara Civic Association and Costas Verdes are active members of the Wildlife Crossings Committee. Meeting several times a month, the Wildlife Crossings committee is dedicated to reforestation, rope bridge installation and education. Click here to learn more about Wildlife Crossings.





Pilates Nosara and Hot Tamale are dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the Wildlife Crossing program through donating the proceeds of their t-shirt sales. In 2016 they raised more than $1000 for the cause.

For the past 3 years, Nosara Home School Beach Academy students have organized a charity race to raise funds for our Stop the Shocks program. In 2016 they raised almost $1000 for the program! The young students are dedicated to learning and educating others in addition to pledging for donations and running/working at the race.