Rescue Pole Donations Needed

Help us purchase a new rescue “hot stick” pole so we can continue to help wildlife that have been electrocuted on power lines and transformers.

After many years of saving electrocuted  howler monkeys, our hot stick has split, snapped and is now unsafe to use. Unfortunately, we cannot continue to rescue electrocuted wildlife without it.

The Hastings Telescopic Fiberglass Electrical Hot Stick is the only equipment that will allow us to safely rescue wildlife from “hot” electrical lines and transformers.  These hot sticks are safe for power lines up to 100,ooo volts and will ensure our emergency rescue team’s safety when helping a monkey who has become trapped on power lines.

Anyone that has witnessed a monkey electrocution will understand the importance of obtaining this equipment so we can quickly and safely stop the pain and suffering caused by muscles that have contracted on 34,000 volt cables and transformers. The quicker we are able to get the animal off the wire and stop the electrocution, the more likely we are able to save them.

The pole is made from fibreglass which allows us to safely reach electrical wires up to 10.67 meters. With a variety of attachments, we are able to cut power, remove the animal and trim back tree branches that are touching hot electrical cables.

$1,200.00 of $1,200.00 raised
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Donation Total: $20.00

Hastings Telescopic Fiberglass Electrical Hot Stick

Hastings Original Tel-O-Pole series of round sectional reinforced electrical grade fiberglass. The Hastings S-212 is designed for long reach, speed, convenience and safety. All Tel-O-Pole hot sticks are rated at 100kV/ ft with high dielectric properties.