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Rescue & Release of Five Orphaned Pizotes

In June 2017, Refuge for Wildlife rescued five infant white-nosed coati, locally known as “pizotes”.

First we rescued Roxy, who was found alone without her mother. The next day another pizote was rescued, we named her Carrie and she became close friends with Roxy. Not long after that, we rescued three more pizotes called Jane, Judith and Jeremy! Although they were not all related, they quickly became a family.

At the time of the rescues, we were heading into low-season where visits and donations become less and less and we just didn’t have the funds to care for these orphans. Thankfully our online community of supporters were eager to help us and we raised the funds to care for them.

Although the pizotes were pretty healthy, our veterinarian needed to treat them for a skin condition that was causing their fur to fall out. Because of intense heat and moisture here in Costa Rica, a bacterial infection had spread to each pizote and the treatment was bathing them twice a week with a medical solution of sulfur and volcanic clay.

Initially, each infant pizote needed to be hand-fed infant formula, but they quickly grew and became more independent. We introduced them new and exciting foods , like sweet potatoes, apples, mangoes, and they’re favorite, watermelon! They were also given raw meat.

Human contact was limited only to veterinarian care so that the pizotes would not become dependent on humans. In the wild, pizotes, like raccoons, are often found rummaging through garbage and compost piles and often come dangerously close to humans and their pets where they are at risk of injury.

In November, under the careful supervision of MINAE, we released Roxy, Carrie, Judith, Jeremy and Jane in a remote location that is heavily wooded, near a beautiful river and far away from humans. 

We’d like to thank everyone that made a donation to help us care for these animals – saving them has made a positive impact on the population of the species.