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Rescued Infant Tamandua Reunited with his Mother

Little Edwin, an infant Northern tamandua, was found on the ground alone. It is normal for tamanduas to leave their young behind in the treetops while they forage for food and we believe that this is when young Edwin fell to the ground.

Thankfully he was quickly found by local residents before any predators spotted him. His mother could not be found so he was brought to Refuge for Wildlife for a medical check and some care and warm milk. He has no injuries or illness, but he was a little cold and hungry so we gave him some warm milk and a hot water bottle to snuggle with. Edwin was very tired and enjoyed a nice nap in the safety of our clinic.

At only one month old, we knew Edwin had a better chance of survival with his mother so we were very pleased when we heard that the mother tamandua had returned the following day. We quickly rushed Edwin to the location where his mother was. Edwin started to call for his mom and she started to follow his voice. She was a little scared and nervous about climbing down towards humans, but she wanted her baby back. Edwin wasn’t able to climb up to her so we had to give him a little push up the tree trunk so he could finally reach his mom. She waiting patiently as Edwin climbed onto her back and then she quickly left! It was a lovely sight to see and we all feel so happy that he is back home where he belong.  Watch Edwin’s story on youtube!