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Wildlife Crossings

We rescue, rehabilitate and release.

Wildlife Crossings is a collaborative effort by Refuge for Wildlife, Nosara Civic Association, Costas Verdes and Harmony Gardens. Together, we are creating Wildlife Crossings between NCA parkland, green spaces and captura-de-pantalla-2016-05-16-a-las-4-03-44-p-mmaritime zones. Volunteers from each organization are working closely together to map out current wildlife routes, create new and safe crossings, and to encourage businesses and homeowners to leave existing natural tree bridges and plant new trees where deforestation has occurred.

Due to a recent rise in tourism and property sales, Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada have seen an increase in deforestation to make way for new commercial buildings and private homes. This has resulted in a decrease in the population of howler monkeys and other arboreal wildlife within the American Project.

Monkey Bridges-1-7Howler monkeys use the trees as a food resource, to sleep in and to travel safely between feeding grounds. It only takes the removal of one tree to cut off a natural tree crossing and seriously affect all the howler monkey troops here in the Nosara beaches area. Food resources are lower than they have ever been and monkeys and other wildlife are being forced to travel along dangerous power lines and across busy roads to reach food, to escape predators and avoid fights over resources.  We are very concerned with the impact new development is having on our wildlife and the Wildlife Crossings We rescue, rehabilitate and release.project is taking the initiative to tackle this problem with positive solutions.

We are installing rope bridges across roads and planting trees rich with food resources in areas that will relink existing green spaces. We invite all property owners to join us in creating safe green spaces by planting native trees  in locations that best benefit wildlife. We encourage all new property owners to work together with their architects and building managers to preserve mature trees and natural wildlife crossings. Together we can keep our jungle full of wildlife. Find out more about how you can create a wildlife-friendly property: Wildlife Crossings Info Sheets