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Bernie’s Rehabilitation and Release

Bernie was badly electrocuted in Playa Guiones in December 2016. He not only suffered from painful electrical burns, Bernie also caught on fire during the accident.

Every year Refuge for Wildlife rescues hundreds of monkeys and other wildlife that have been electrocuted due to uninsulated power lines and transformers. Electrocution is the #1 killer of howler monkeys in Costa Rica. Our emergency response team, of staff and volunteers, have the experience and expertise to rescue monkeys from transformers and electrical wires with specialist equipment. Our founder, Brenda Bombard has 19 years experience rehabilitating howler monkeys and other wildlife that have suffered extreme burns, amputations and other injuries from electrocution. We have a full-time on-site veterinarian who specializes in wildlife care and treatment for these types of injuries.

Bernie received extensive treatment in our clinic for many months. With pain medication, soothing silver sulfadiazine burn cream and around the clock care, Bernie recovered from the accident. Unfortunately he did lose some weight and stayed with us for a few extra months after he had fully healed to gain weight and regain some of the strength he lost during his treatment.

Bernie was released at the end of April 2017 after 4.5 months at Refuge for Wildlife. He’s now back where he belongs, in the forest, far away from humans and electrical wires and transformers.

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