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Wish List

Help us purchase the necessary supplies and equipment needed for the care of our rescued injured and orphaned wildlife. Make an online donation by choosing any of our “Wish List” items below and we’ll use your donation to purchase the equipment we need.

Or, if you prefer, you can purchase items yourself on amazon and send/bring them to us! Simply click on the names of the items below and you will be taken to where you can purchase the item. You can bring the item in your luggage if you’re coming for a visit or you can ship the item to us here in Costa Rica (email and we’ll send you our mailing address).  Thank you!

Burn & Wound Care Supplies

First aid treatment for minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

6 Tubes Antibiotic Ointment    


Used for injecting medications or feeding infants.

Small Syringes Package:
100 1cc syringes without needle
100 1cc syringes with needle
100 3cc syringes with needle


For cleaning and dressing wounds and burns.

Bandages & Dressings Package:
200 Non-Sterile 4×4 Gauze Pads
12 Self-Adherent 2″ Cohesive Bandages
2 1″ Waterproof First Aid Tape
50 Non-Adherent Sterile Dressing Pads
2000 Cotton Swabs  



Used for administering oral medication and feeding.

Large Syringes Package:

100 5cc syringes with needle
100 10 cc syringes with needle
10 60cc syringes catheter tip 


Thank you Cheryl Korowotny!

$ 32
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Donation Total: $32

Clinic Diagnostic Equipment

Used for testing blood glucose levels



Essential tools for testing samples and diagnosing symptoms.

Lab Supplies Package:
Microscope Slides
200 Microscope Cover Glass
Latex Gloves
Digital Refrigerator Thermometer


Thank you Cheryl Korowotny!

A professional veterinary fiberoptic Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope (Primate Edition). Used for checking the health of the eyes and ears.

Fibreoptic Oto-ophthalmoscope


Thank you Caroline Alonzo!

An ultrasound doppler with 8 MHz probe used for detecting blood flow velocity

Doppler Blood Flow Monitor


$ 60
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Donation Total: $60

Operating Room Supplies

Provides intraveineuse liquids during treatments and surgeries

IV Stand                                                


Surgical instrument trays, clamps and heating pad required for surgeries and medical care.

Surgery Supplies Package:                    
2 Flat Instrument Trays
3 Stainless Steel Instrument Trays
Kidney Trays(6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″)
Backhaus Towel Clamps 5.5
Heating Pad $20


A professional surgical tool set for surgeries and procedures.

Surgical Instrument Set                                   
Halstead Mosquito Forceps
6 Straight & curved, 2 Mayo Scissors
4 Rochester Pean Forceps
2 Metzenbaum Scissors, DeBakey Forceps
2 Gall Duct Forceps Mixter
2 Babcock Intestinal Forceps
2 Allis Intestinal Forceps
2 Kocher Forceps, 2 Lister Forceps
2 Adson Brown Forceps
2 Foerester Sponge Forceps
Thumb Forceps w/ teeth
3 Scalpel Handle #3, #4, & #3 Long


Provides professional lighting during surgeries

5W LED High-Power Surgical Headlight


$ 130
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Donation Total: $130

Storage and Administration Items

Storage & Administration Package:
Stainless Steel Stool
4 Glass Canisters
6 Clip Boards
Storage Cabinet
6 Plastic Storage Boxes
First Aid Box


$ 150
Personal Info

Donation Total: $150

Quarantine and Recovery Items

Used for quarantine and recovery for small wildlife

Small Kennel 


Used for quarantine and recovery for medium-sized wildlife

Medium Kennel                                                      


Use for quarantine and recovery for large primates and wildlife in the clinic

Large Kennel


Used for quarantine and recovery for wildlife who need space

Extra Large Kennel


Provides comfort for orphaned and injured wildlife

Baby Blankets for Clinic, Nursery & Rescue (40 Blue, 40 Green, 40 White, 40 Yellow)


$ 40
Personal Info

Donation Total: $40