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Jaguarundi Released

Some amazing news! After months of expert care provided by the veterinary staff at Centro de Rescate y Santuario Las Pumas, the Jaguarundi rescued from Playa Guiones was released!

Back in October, our emergency rescue team received a call from a local resident reporting a jaguarundi (Herpailurus yaguarondi) that was stuck in a fence in Playa Guiones. The jaguarundi had been traveling between habitat when it was scared by barking dogs and ran headfirst into the chainlink, getting his head stuck. The Bomberos de Nosara assisted us with the difficult rescue which required bolt cutters to free the jaguarundi from the fence.

Unfortunately, the jaguarundi had suffered a severe injury from the accident and was not able to properly move his hind limbs. At the Refuge wildlife clinic, we did several tests, including an x-ray and blood work that showed no physical reason for the movement impairment. More tests and longer-term care were required to treat neurological symptoms. We immediately transported him to Las Pumas, a rescue center that specializes in wild cats, where he received the best comprehensive care from the experts in the field.

Thanks to the fantastic dedication of our friends at Las Pumas, the jaguarundi regained the total function of his hind legs after several months of specialized care. We were delighted to be invited to the release which took place on the Refuge for Wildlife property in San Juanillo. It was a thrilling moment when, after an hour of trekking through the forest to find the best location for his new home, the jaguarundi sprinted to freedom!