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Successful Rescue in La Esperanza

july2july3This Howler Monkey was rescue in La Esperanza in July 2013. She was hanging in the electrical wires in the center of a busy road.  The monkey was rescued from the cables and taken to the Safari Vets office where Dr. Susana the veterinarian had to amputate 2 inches from the tip of the tail.

She spent several weeks at the Refuge and when healed from her injuries she was transferred to Sibu Sanctuary where she continued her rehabilitation andjuly1 was then returned to the jungle where she is now back with her friends and family.

As a result of this and many other incidents Nosara Wildlife Rescue had a meeting with ICE on August 2013, 18 people were involved and an alliance was formed.  ICE the electric company responsible for electrical service in this area has committed to fix the wires and transformers. ( they started where this monkey was electrocuted).