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Mango Season and Monkey Safety

Keep Our Monkeys Safe During Mango Season

Mango trees are now filled with irresistible ripe fruit that are a favorite among our howler friends. Monkeys will do anything to reach the fruit including walking on electrical wires and running across the roads and through deforested areas on the ground. Unfortunately, at this time of year we have the most howler deaths due to electrocutions, dog attacks and car strikes. Please be aware!

Here’s what you can do to help keep our monkeys safe:

A transformer insulated with wildlife protection equipment

1. Insulate your electrical cables and transformers. No, they’re not all insulated – hundreds are still deadly. Do not make the assumption that this is someone else’s responsibility – it’s up to you and only you to ensure your power supply doesn’t kill wildlife. Let us know immediately if a monkey is injured (8824-3323 is our emergency number) and email us if you find a dead monkey so we can work on fixing the problem. You can find more information on how to insulate your transformer here.

2. Keep your dogs at home, preferably inside if you have mango trees on your property. It’s not Fido’s fault, he’s only following his instincts…so keep an eye on your pup and keep him away from temptation! If your dogs have killed before (you know who you are!) put them inside the house when the monkeys visit you.

3. If your mango tree is in the middle of your property with no treetop access, put up a rope bridge so the monkeys can easily reach it without bumping into predators on the ground. You can buy the rope at the hardware store and there are plenty of expert tree climbers in town who can help you put it up. Do not attempt to install a bridge near electrical wires – only ICE can do this.

4. Drive slowly and be ready to brake for wildlife, especially near mango trees. If you hit a monkey, let us know – we can look into putting up a rope bridge.

5. Remember that it is against the law to harm wildlife in Costa Rica. So do not throw rocks at monkeys who are in your trees! Just let them eat the fruit – they’re hungry after a long dry season! And yes, they will drop most of them and make a huge mess, but it’s only once a year and the dropped fruit will grow into more mango trees! Yay!

If you have any questions or concerns you can email us and we’ll help you out – or