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Midnight’s Story

Midnight was rescued from Los Arenales in March after he fell from electrical cables and hit his head. At our onsite clinic, Dr. Francisco Sánchez and Dr. Christine Nelson discovered that electrocution was the cause of Midnight’s fall. So in addition to treatment for blindness and muscle tremors caused by head trauma, Midnight was treated for electrical burns on his chest and tail. 2 weeks after treatment started, Midnight’s vision started to come back. 3-4 weeks after the fall, his muscle tremors stopped. After 10 weeks in our care, his burns healed and his eyesight came back completely! Midnight then spent and additional 3 months with us regaining strength in one of our outdoor enclosures. He was released back into the forest in early September.

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Veterinary Services & Clinic Fund

Our Veterinary Services & Clinic Fund covers the veterinary treatment of our injured wildlife. This often involves treatment of severe burns, wound care, surgeries, amputations, and, unfortunately necessary euthanasia.  Our onsite clinic provides the majority of the routine medical services and has facilities for a veterinarian to perform most services needed by the injured animals.  Donating to the Veterinary Services & Clinic Fund will help us to buy necessary medical supplies including, prescription medications, burn cream, bandages, medical instruments and essential medical equipment as well as help us pay for an on-site veterinarian.

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