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Mother and Baby Released

Refuge for Wildlife - Release
Mother and Baby back in the jungle where they belong.
Refuge for Wildlife - Mother and Baby Released
Traveling back to freedom.

A mother and baby fell from an electrical wire near Delicas and Refuge for Wildlife was called to the scene. Neither had been electrocuted, it seems the mother just fell. There was dogs nearby that wanted to attack, but the owners were responsible and kept the dogs away until we arrived. She was unconscious and had several cuts to her face, but her baby was unharmed.

Baby was eager to get back to the jungle.
Baby was eager to get back to the jungle.

After a few days of medical care in our onsite clinic where mother and baby stayed together, we were able to release them both back into the jungle. We released them near to the area where they were found (but away from the dogs and the wires) so she can find her troop again.

It is important to us to release mothers and babies as soon as possible because a prolong period of time in a clinic or rescue center can be stressful to nursing mothers who want to protect their babies. At no point did we remove her baby that was clinging to her fur as this can also be very stressful for both mother and child. Luckily she only had minor injures and regained consciousness with no permanent injuries.

Another happy ending! Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release!

Attached is the video of their release!