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Partnership with International Animal Rescue

Refuge for Wildlife is thrilled to be partnering with International Animal Rescue (IAR), a world-renowned non-profit organisation that  is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of suffering animals around the world. Their mission is to return wild animals to their natural environment wherever possible, but they also provide a permanent home for animals that can no longer fend for themselves. Their work includes cutting free and caring for dancing bears in India, rescuing orangutans and other primates from captivity and the devastating impact of deforestation in Indonesia and sterilising and vaccinating stray dogs and cats in developing countries.

As human populations expand and encroach further into natural habitats, wildlife species are coming under increasing threat of extinction. By rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing individuals from endangered populations like the orangutan and the slow loris, their work plays a vital role in the conservation of the species as a whole.

International Animal Rescue works to educate the public in the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals. Sound scientific evidence is at the heart of their decision-making and determines the course of all that they do. Their aim is always to find practical solutions that benefit both animals and people.

This new partnership will enable Refuge for Wildlife to have a global reach when it comes to fundraising, marketing and promotion while providing Refuge for Wildlife with IAR’s years of experience running a non-profit animal rescue. IAR will be assisting with payroll for our full-time veterinarian and has already provided $5000 towards the purchase of our new rescue vehicle. We are absolutely delighted to be working together!

IAR CEO, Alan Knight: “After receiving some excellent reports about the work of Refuge for Wildlife, I paid them a visit to determine whether it would be a good fit with our existing projects. I’m pleased to say that the Refuge’s mission is entirely in tune with our own aims and objectives. Brenda’s team is doing great work helping howler monkeys and other native species in Costa Rica and everyone at IAR is delighted to be able to support the project and help raise awareness of it.”

Refuge for Wildlife Founder, Brenda Bombard: “As a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release center we have long admired the great work of International Animal Rescue in the many places around the world they have made a difference.  The opportunity to meet and work with these great people has been, and continues to be, an incredible opportunity and experience for us. IAR’s professionalism, depth of knowledge and commitment to wildlife is an incredible resource.  IAR’s support has allowed the Refuge to add a full-time veterinarian to the staff, significantly improving our ability to provide a much higher level of medical and rehabilitative care. For the wildlife here at the Refuge this is a truly a life changing event. Thank you IAR.”