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Special Projects

Two orphaned baby howler monkeys, Huber and Lucy
Two orphaned baby howler monkeys, Huber and Lucy

The Refuge Nursery

This Year’s Special Project is the construction of the Refuge Nursery. In past years we normally cared for 3-to-6 young infant monkeys at any one time and it has been possible to use a portion of the Clinic area to provide for their sleeping kennels and day-time exercise area. But as the Refuge has become known throughout a wider area, young animals have begun arriving from throughout the Nicoya Peninsula and Northern portions of Costa Rica. We have completely outgrown our facilities to care for this increased number of orphaned infants. The average number of infant animals has now doubled to an average of 10-to-12, and we foresee this number doubling again over the next 12-to-18 months. We are currently working on a set of plans and cost estimates to build a new nursery room adjacent to the Clinic, which we hope to begin in early February. We are very hopeful that with a combination of donations from our patrons, friends and our annual fundraiser on January 24th 2015, we will receive enough to begin construction.


U.S. tax exempt donations 501(c) 3 can be made via PayPal. You can use the Donate button to make your donation, from the PayPal website you can choose from a one time donation or every month donation (recurring donation).