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Stop The Shocks – Insulating Transformers

What Does an Uninsulated Power Transformer Look Like?

Uninsulated power transformers will have no (or only some) wildlife protection equipment installed.

Uninsulated power transformers have many dangerous components and if any one of these areas (circled below) are touched by wildlife they will be badly electrocuted. The voltage is high towards the top of the pole and gradually lowers towards the bottom, but all areas can, and usually are, fatal. This is an example of only one style of transformer – there are many different styles of transformers with different components, but all with have at least two of these six main components.

What Does An Uninsulated Transformer Look Like?

The insulation equipment is grey in color and made of silicone rubber.  With a quick look, you will be able to instantly see if a transformer has been insulated by looking for these key wildlife protection equipment components:

Refuge for Wildlife Stop the Shocks

Refuge for Wildlife - Stop the Shocks

Refuge for Wildlife Stop the Shocks

How can you tell if your transformer is uninsulated?

  • There will be no grey-colored silicon wildlife protection equipment
  • Cable and wires will be thin
  • All or some of the 6 standard transformer components will be exposed – Hot Clamp, Primary Inputs, Secondary Outputs, Lightning Arrestor, Cables and Fuse Cutout.

Details of Standard Transformer Components

Hot Clamp

Primary Input

Lightning Arrestor

Secondary Outputs


Fuse Cutout